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    Behind Stage Door: Macbeth (an Undoing) is Back!

    29 February 2024
    We’re back! Macbeth (an undoing) is back in the rehearsal room and that means we get to follow its journey again (albeit a little shorter this time) from page to stage. Three stages to be exact - London, New York and back home Edinburgh.…
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    Behind Stage Door: In the Wings of Macbeth (an undoing)

    20 February 2023
    Seems fitting that my final post comes to you from the wings during a performance of Macbeth (an undoing), and if you love theatre as much as everyone who works here at the Lyceum does, you will understand just how exciting this is for me.…
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    Behind Stage Door: Macbeth (an undoing)'s Post-Show Talk

    13 February 2023
    The run of Macbeth (an undoing) is under way and after one performance, Kerrie, from our Creative Learning team sat down with the wonderful Zinnie Harris, The Lyceum's associate artistic director but also of course the writer and director…
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    Behind Stage Door: Tech Rehearsals

    6 February 2023
    Getting an entire show on stage in just a week is no easy feat! From lighting to sound to set to costume, there is a lot that needs to come together but never underestimate how amazing the team are at the Lyceum! But the end of tech…
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    Behind Stage Door: Building the world on Stage

    6 February 2023
    The stage is being transformed into the world of Macbeth (an undoing) and it’s all systems go. The theatre is now entering a busy couple weeks leading up to various Previews and Press night. It is full of setting up lighting, set and sound…
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    Behind Stage Door: Meet our Lighting Team

    30 January 2023
    Lighting can completely change how an audience view a performance, it might not be the thing you are focusing on when watching a Lyceum show but it will definitely be the thing that influences how you feel during a scene. It can show you…
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    Behind Stage Door: RCS Development Workshops

    21 January 2023
    It’s a new week and we are back at the development workshops for Macbeth (an undoing). This time things are a little different, the workshops are taking place at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow and Zinnie has called upon a group of 3rd…
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    Behind Stage Door: Meet our Costume Department

    16 January 2023
    If you have been following this blog for a while you will notice that we haven’t spoken about one of the main departments in the theatre who contribute hugely to our main stage productions. Have no fear...our costume department post is…
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    Behind Stage Door: Macbeth (an undoing)'s rehearsals continue

    9 January 2023
    It’s Friday, it’s busy, it’s rehearsals. The company are on to act 2 – they work fast this bunch and scenes are taking shape. This week they have welcomed the king, partied, argued, fought, drunk all the booze and seen blood, witches and…
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    Behind Stage Door: Rehearsals begin for Macbeth (an undoing)

    2 January 2023
    It has started! This is when the exciting stuff happens, when every department who has been planning and re-planning since this production was announced, comes together to make theatre magic. Rehearsals for Macbeth (an undoing) started…
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    Behind Stage Door: Meet The Lyceum's first Literary Associate

    5 December 2022
    When did you first come across this as a job? How did you get into it?I learnt about dramaturgy and literary roles in my fourth year at the University of Edinburgh studying English Literature during an undergraduate module in playwriting…
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    Behind Stage Door: Stage Management

    14 November 2022
    Stage management, the backbone of any Lyceum production, hidden behind the stage. Our stage team are a busy bunch and always hard to pin down, they are either in rehearsals, setting up the stage or at our workshops in Roseburn hunting down…