Linked to the curriculum of excellence, our primary school workshops offer teachers a creative way to use drama to enhance their curriculum in schools.

Our secondary school workshops help support your school through Nat5, Highers and Advanced Highers. From monologue prep to devising work, we are here to bring The Lyceum’s practice into your classroom.

*We have Jekyll and Hyde and Sunset Song on our stage which is on the English reading list this year.

Workshops we offer - suitable for any age range:

Theatre-making workshops

A 6-week programme in drama and theatre-making linked to the Curriculum for Excellence capacities: Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Successful Learners and the Expressive Arts outcomes.

The project includes the development of a unique piece of theatre and an optional trip to The Lyceum to tour the theatre and take part in some theatre workshops such as prop and costume making.

The 6-week block is tailor-made to suit your school’s needs. We work with you to produce a model of work that links to current learning. Past examples include, workshops using theatre techniques to support confidence & life skills, curriculum specific workshops and workshops around a specific project.

Workshops around a play, book or theme of your choice

A tailored project working with schools to deliver a series of workshops around a play/book/theme of your choice.

This model will have a performance outcome that can be shared with parents and carers of the children. This project will work with a specific age group as requested by the school but can also be tailored to work with all age groups separately. Performances are created using resources compiled by The Lyceum team and bought into schools to ignite the imagination of students and teachers.

This offering can also be linked to Career Long Professional Learning training, with teachers having a more hands-on approach to the project.

Bespoke workshops

We are also able to offer more bespoke workshops on theatre skills and practice. To assist with the new Higher syllabus, The Lyceum is also able to offer workshops specialising in Acting, Directing or Design.

Career long professional learning (CLPL)

Don’t know where to start when introducing practical explorations of topics within your classroom and subject? Want to learn more about how to put on a whole-school performance or help students with interview confidence? Our CLPL sessions are here to help. Led by our creative team either at your school or in our creative learning space.

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