List of Events

  1. Jekyll and Hyde

    “Are those little voices in our heads our friends, or our enemies? What if they’re neither, what if they’re both?”
  2. Two Sisters

    Emma and Amy return to their childhood paradise, a seaside caravan park. With a park that has completely changed, and their childhood seeming like nothing more than a distant memory, how far have they really come from their teenage selves?
  3. Blue Beard

    When someone tells you not to look, OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR!
  4. The Girls Of Slender Means

    Long ago in 1945, all the nice people in England were poor, allowing for exceptions. This is a story of glamour in austerity, women at work, women at play, and women’s wit.
  5. Macbeth (an undoing)

    When her husband returns victorious from the battlefield with a prophecy that he is to become King of Scotland, Lady Macbeth will stop at nothing to make their darkest ambition a reality. The five star smash hit returns for two weeks only due to popular demand.
  6. Sunset Song

    Scotland’s most loved literary heroine Chris Guthrie is brought to the stage in this radically reimagined adaptation.